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We design retail. It's a B2C thing... 

At THE NEW RETAIL our work has always been about innovation & transformation in retail, especially for businesses grappling with change. We help our clients anticipate and shape their customers expectation of the business, ensuring that the reality aligns with the expectation. It's not 2019 anymore. Today demands that you reconsider almost everything. Luckily it's more fun than it sounds. It's certainly more rewarding.  



About Rob


Rob Whittaker is a leading Canadian retail strategist and store designer. He's influenced many of the top retailers and brands in North America including Home Depot, Rogers, Rexall, FILA, and Softchoice.


For 35 years his understanding of the retail opportunity has influenced the way retail looks and feels in North America.


As Creative Director he advises business owners and operators about THE NEW RETAIL; innovations, transformations, methods and strategies that yield high conversion rates, increased sales per square foot, and ultimately stronger consumer connections. LinkedIn

Services: On Line or In Person

We can offer a completely online service.


  • We meet by zoom to discuss ideas review plans and designs,

  • issue drawings in PDF.

  • apply for and receive permits electronically.

  • If necessary, we attend site to gather information.


  • This saves time and money.

    • Providing you with the drawings and specifications that you need in a format that is easy to organize

    • And easy to share with partners, investors, contractors, or media.


Online or in person, the services we provide include:

  • Concept development, focused on blue-water, pivots, and practical change

    • Strategic planning

    • Physical distance planning 

    • Online migration services, including social media management

  • Interior design, fixture design, graphic design, UX design, B2C design 

    • Photo-realistic renderings

  • Project management

    • AMEPS Engineering 

    • OBC Code Review and BCIN authorization

    • Cost improvement and value engineering

    • Rapid execution

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